Эпидемиология и инфекционные болезни

Goals and objectives

Joint Stock Company “Ekolab” is one of the leading manufacturers of medicines and is actively involved in educational and scientific activities as a publisher.

All our publications are successfully indexed in domestic and international databases, which confirms the high scientific value and recognition of our contribution to the field of medicine and pharmacy. The priority areas of our scientific activity are research in the field of epidemiology and infectious diseases, as well as clinical laboratory diagnostics.

Our journals provide the opportunity to publish research, scientific articles and practical recommendations from leading experts in the field of medicine and pharmacy. We are committed to continually expanding our readership and active participation in scientific debate and knowledge sharing.

We attach great importance to innovation and new achievements in the scientific field, so our company is constantly improving our publishing processes and ensuring a high level of review and editorial work. Our goal is to become a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge between scientists and specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy, as well as to contribute to improving the quality of healthcare and laboratory diagnostics.

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in the medical field, we guarantee high quality publications, relevance and scientific significance of the presented materials. We invite all professionals and researchers to kindly share their scientific discoveries and achievements in our publication.

Together we can advance science and medicine, advance the pharmaceutical industry, and improve people’s quality of life through innovative research and science education. We look forward to your scientific articles and become part of our scientific community today!

The journal is intended for a wide range of scientific and practical specialists who, in their practical activities, are faced with the problems of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases: infectious disease specialists, parasitologists, epidemiologists, microbiologists, local and family doctors.